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The 2022 Annual Report

Our 2022 Annual Report is out and ready for viewing. Click the front page below.


The 2020/2021 Annual Report

Our 2021 Annual Report is out and ready for viewing. Click the front page below.

The Capital Projects Committee advocates for capital projects that enhance and extend the Cynwyd Heritage Trail. The Committee represents The Friends of the Cynwyd Heritage Trail as a stakeholder in the planning, design, and construction of capital projects initiated by FOCHT and Lower Merion Township.

The following is an update on current projects:

  • The Township is funding the next phase of design services for the Barmouth Trailhead Improvement Project. On September 23, the Board of Commissioners approved the selection of BCM Engineers and Campbell Thomas Architects for design development and construction documentation services. The Lower Merion Conservancy secured a significant grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to improve stormwater management on the Trail. Over the next several months the project will be designed in detail and the cost of construction estimated. FOCHT’s Capital Projects Committee will continue to have representation on the project’s Steering Committee. The design process will include public meetings to obtain community input. Overall project management is the responsibility of the Township’s Department of Parks and Recreation.
  • The Township secured a $30,000 grant to fund the design and installation of a mural on the concrete walls that support the Belmont Avenue Bridge and frame the Trail. A Steering Committee comprised of FOCHT members has been formed to work with Parks and Recreation to select an artist, develop a concept for the mural, and implement the work. The process to select an artist will commence in the near future.

  • The Township’s engineer is pursuing approvals of the design for the Cynwyd Heritage Trail extension to City Avenue from SEPTA. Upon approval the engineer will proceed with design development and construction documents.
  • The Capital Projects Committee is pursuing signage in the public right of ways to identify trailheads at Cynwyd Station and Barmouth. Three proposals from invited graphic design firms were solicited and are currently under consideration for selection.
  • To improve public safety on the Trail, the capital projects committee has identified locations on the trail where painted center lines on the asphalt surface will help to separate two-way traffic for bicyclists and pedestrians. The work is to be implemented by the Township’s Public Works Department.
  • The Township has budgeted funds for safety related improvements to East Levering Mill Road, including the intersection of East Levering Mill Road and Belmont Avenue. The intent is to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. Due to its importance to the local neighborhood, and the access the route provides to the Barmouth Trailhead, the Capital Projects Committee is monitoring the effort. Public Works has not yet scheduled the Phase One scope of work.
  • The City is re-bidding the Manayunk Bridge Lighting in early 2021 because the initial bidding prior to COVID yielded only a single bid that exceeded the estimated budget.