Your Membership Dollars

Your tax-deductible contribution helps make the Trail possible. A basic individual or family annual membership starts at only $35.  Members will receive timely updates about trail planning and design and other community events. Most importantly, as a member you can help ensure that our vision of this wonderful community asset becomes a reality.

In addition, your membership dollars:

  • – support supplemental maintenance of landscaped areas;
  • – fund landscape improvements such as tree plantings and meadows;
  • – provide benches, signage and mile markers
  • – provide support for the volunteer work days
  • – maintain this web site
  • – sponsor community events
  • – raise awareness of the trail’s existence and challenges
  • – aid grant writing efforts
  • – tell the Township and the Board of Commissioners that the Trail is important to you.

To become a Member or Renew a Membership:

If you have a credit card or Paypal account, you may click on one of the membership levels below to go to PayPal. Once there, please include your phone number and email address. Thank You!

NOTE: The Friends may list its members and donors in promotional materials.  If you would prefer to remain anonymous in these materials, please let us know.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments.

Levels of Sponsorship

The Friends have several levels of sponsorships no matter what your giving limits are. We accept all donations no matter how small. Every dollar helps. We gratefully acknowledge all who have helped us in the past and look forward to growing our organization with the help of your donations in the future.  Please help us keep going and growing. Contribute today!

$20 Student/Limited Income

$35 Family/Member

$75 Advocate

$100 Supporter

$250 Patron

$500 Angel

Any Amount Donation

The Friends formed in the fall of 2008 to rally community support for the Cynwyd Heritage Trail.  Since that time, we have been joined by a large group of partners and sponsors who are committed to advancing Trail development. See a list of these partners and sponsors under the “Who We Are” tab.